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DollyRock/PhotoLIFE April 2009 Photo Competition…..

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I WON FIRST PRIZE!!   This has been some week for me.  First, I hear from an old friend from old  TSO days (The SimsOnline) who contacted me on Yahoo.  Was glad to know he and RL his family are doing great.  The highlight of this week though was this weekend, not because it is Mother’s Day but I won the DollyRock/PhotoLIFE April 2009 Photo Competition.   I received my PhotoLife 3.0 studio and 2000L immediately.  I will be in my studio awhile taking snapshots and doing what I love to do in SL, photography.  I am soo honored to have won this contest because I have been given recognition for what I do.  I am so critical of my work and know there is alot I have to learn and winning the studio will help me do that.  Yes, I am a happy camper!  <Below is my submission that won>

Dollyrock_Makeda Cole_001


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costa-rica_1-bags-packed-jpgt1It has been a long time since I have blogged. Nothing really sparked my interest until today. If you know me in world, you may have heard me speak of “unexpected events”. Well, today I had one and took advantage of it. I came up on a place in Second Life worth sharing. For some odd reason this place is where I have always dreamed of visiting and perhaps retiring. The place is Costa Rica!

Ah Costa Rica! I was not expecting what I found. It is amazing and no words can really describe how beautiful the sims are. My landing point was at the land sales offices where I received a warm greeting from Giancarlo Takacs, CEO of The Costa Rica Sims Estate. His enthusiasm made me feel welcome to explore and learn more about the richness of his country represented in Second Life.

costa-rica_2postergirl“25 Most Beautiful Places in SL”, Costa Rica is comprised of 50+ sims. There is so much to explore and you cannot see it all in just one visit. For your first visit, I recommend getting the Taxi HUD to teleport to points of interest. There are the national parks, ancient temple maze, rainforest, coral beaches, active volcanoes, waterfalls surrounded by lush vegetation. There are many activities for recreation such as surfing, water rafting, scuba diving, horse farm and garden center where you can go horseback riding, garden center, sailing, fishing, swimming and hang gliding. Whether you want a place to relax, explore, or have romantic outing this is the place to go. And do not forget to turn your audio on to listen to the rich sounds of natural habitat. Ohm, I forgot, there is the nude beach (smile).

I could not resist the shopping district where I picked up a few things I really did not need, lol. There is one shop you must visit if you have a thing for bears. It is called Sways Creations offering unique animated bears. Nowhere in Second Life have I seen bears like these. Also, there is Images by Sinclair, an impressive art gallery. I especially liked the piece called Rose Petal Woman.

I visited Cocos Island and hiked up the stairs from the beach to a beautiful setting with lush greenery and beautiful orchids and trees. Then I took the path over the bridge to look below at the lagoon. I found a great spot to put on my bathing suit, relax in the cool waters, and listen to the sounds of nature.

costa-rica_3kano-jpgOne of my favorite places is the Rainforest. There are plenty areas to sit and relax. You will be greeted by a few of the animals, insects from that region. Of course, I took plenty of snapshots but none are as good as seeing it for yourself. I recommend visiting the website Costa Rica sims to learn more about this beautiful build.

The spa and resort were my last stop. The resort is incredible and you can rent a place. I warn you now you will never want to leave. Seriously, with the estate lands and the resort rentals, Costa Rica is a beautiful place to live offering entertainment, recreation and romance. It is luxury at its finest that SL can offer.

costa-rico_3rainforestIf you have not visited the Costa Rica Sims then you must go! I guarantee you will not want to leave and there is not enough time in the day to see and enjoy all it has to offer. This wonder you will want to visit repeatedly. I plan to return!

Happy New Year!

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makeda-photo-class_003-ps-jpgI see this new year as the beginning of a new age in our history.  These are challenging times and with the world in war and economic strife, we will be forced to see ourselves differently. We are moving toward a collective conscientious and a transformation in our thoughts and how we view our place in the Universe.  

Are you ready for the coming year?   Lets start with being more compassionate and doing good deeds.  Give joy everyday to someone, a friend, stranger or elder…  an may many blessings come in the form of miracles or unexplained events  :)

Joy can be real only if people look on their life as a service, and have a definite objective in life outside themselves and their personal happiness.
– Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Virtual Africa

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Robbens Island

I had been to Robbens Island many times before and enjoy it’s serene setting and cultural contribution to Second Life.  Robbens Island is a wonder to see and appreciation of the efforts by its creator WilberForce Rau under the Initiative of Uthango Social Investments, a South African NGO/Non Profit to bring us Virtual Africa.

The African Arts and Culture building displays a tribute to the late and great Miriam Makeba, famous South African songstress I remember listening to with my parents as a child.  Also on display are photos of Nobel Prize winner and former South African President, Nelson Mandela.  There is the marketplace with vendors selling high quality African items.  There are also huts for rent and all donations and rents go back into the project.

Also be sure to purchase an African bicycle for sale in the vendor.  All proceeds go toward the purchase of a real life bike for a family.

This is a huge project and done with alot of love.   You can tour the sims by guided walking tour on the Human Rights Walk around Robbens Island or go further to the next sim and take the Balloon ride to get an aerial view of the Savannahs in Virtual Africa.  I love this build and hope you will visit and take a friend.  A place to stop and think about humanity and the experience the richness of Africa.


Chakryn Forest

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It’s not often I get to take a break from modeling. Today was an extra quiet day so I decided to take a SL vacation. Where? was the question. I want to find a place to explore and has great scenery.

Now, how do I find this place? As we all know, searching is a challenge and teleporting from place to place to find a great spot ruins the fun. I decided to be creative in my search.  I used the word “caves”. Don’t ask me why the word caves… I like to think outside the box sometimes. I am hoping something different from the usual places will pop up. I scroll down the list of places and hit the jackpot. It reads: Romantic forest with caves, tunnels and passageways. Hmmm sounds interesting. I immediatley start packing.

Rummaging through my closet of an inventory that is a cluttered mess and approaching 40k, I put on my hiking gear: backpak, boots, belt with water bottle, knife *don’t ask* , binoculars, gloves and a few not so useful things. My outfit is comfy but not wise choice but hey this is Second Life and I can wear what I wish.  There are no insects and no use for mosquito repellant (hmm, I think).  A must have are my sunglasses and my Happy I am Nappy hairstyle.  All set, confident and ready for anything.  I am good to go… sexy and comfortable is my motto.

All dressed for adventure, I teleport to Chakryn Forest. I land on a mountain ridge. Looking left and right and then behind me, there are various paths.  I select the path going up higher up the mountain.

The area is beautiful and you get a feeling of being with nature.  I did fall into a cave. Inside the cave is sitting area. It is very private with unique decoration. I sit and meditate a bit and listen to the music. It is a wonderful sitting area, peaceful and a perfect spot for hanging out with friends or that someone special. That is if one can find it again. I fly out of the cave and continue my journey where i reach a spectacular waterfall. This waterfall is one of the best I have seen. The water from the falls flows into a stream where it runs into the ocean. The abundance of trees and dense greenery give it a feeling of actually being in the forest. The beams of sunlight add to it.

I am impressed. Chakryn Forest is amazing. The walking paths, the dense greenery and spots where you see the ocean below. There is one spot that reminds me of Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia where there is a fabulous view of the ocean between trees.

The only drawback, or perhaps it is a good thing, there were no pose balls to sit. So I made good use of my ground sits in my ZHAO which turned out to be better to view the dense forest.

I didn’t find all the passages and tunnels but that gives me every reason to return soon.


I recommend Chakryn Forest. if you like to hike, explore, enjoy SL scenery or find a private place to chat. It was a lot of fun. I wish to thanks Bettina Tizzy, the owner and the builder, Andrek Lowell for the gift of a lovely build. I so appreciate what people do in SL for others to enjoy.


(more photos below)


MODA Spotlight Shows on SLCN.TV

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